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Body Sculpting Laser Lipolysis

Are you just 5% overweight or normal weight ??? Have you tried everything from dieting ,gym,etc to loose those extra smaller areas which bother you then be relieved !!Now fat2fit introduces yet another state of art treatment called body sculpting laser lipolysis using the Laser Lipolysis treatment

This treatment is not for obese people !

Criteria for undergoing a Body Sculpting Procedure
(1)Overall A Healthy Individual Who Is Just 5 % Overweight Or Normal Weight
(2)Males and females having a bmi of less than 25
(3) Males having a fat percentage < or = 20 %
(4) Females having a fat percentage < or = 28%
(5) No medical complications
(6)Smaller fat areas

Advantages of undergoing this procedure
(1)Losing 1 litre ( kg ) of fat or 2 inches in just 1 hour !
(2) Known as an office or lunchtime lipo in the usa and uk countries
(3) Superfast !
(4) Very safe
(5) Done under local anaesthesia
(6) Client goes home in just 2-3 hrs after procedure
(7) Client can start working the next day
(8) No bed rest required
(9) Very fast recovery
(10) Pin hole puncture lipolysis( minimal invasive)
(11) Cannula size is just 1-2 mm ( size of a nip of a pen )
(12) Smaller areas can be targetted
(13)Immediate results
(14) Skin tightening & smoothening through laser
(15) Skin returns to normal within 3 months post op.
(16) Only 1 sitting required per area
(17) Permanent fat loss from that area
(18) No major complications
(19) Best body sculpting therapy in todays market
(20) Less painful
(21) Minimal bleeding
(22) Not a major surgery

(1)Cannot extract more than 2 kgs per session
(2)Only 1 area can be targetted per session
(3) Next area can be done after 3 months
(4)Not good for obese people and larger areas of spot reduction
(5)For larger areas the best treatment is 517 superrslim lipolysis
(6)Compression bandage has to be worn for 2 weeks
(7)Minor bruising and pain at the area treated which lasts for 1-3 days
(8)Little swelling at the site for 1 week


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