FAT 2 FIT, introduces another unique non invasive technology called CRYOGENIC LIPOLYSIS or in simple words freezing of the fat cells to low temperatures causing apoptosis (death), thereby releasing the free fatty acids and glycerol to be utilized by your own body’s metabolism. This technology helps in spot area inch loss or localized collection of fat (subcutaneous fat) or 1st layer of fat. This technique was
approved by the US FDA in SEPTEMBER 2010.

This is not for reduction of overall weight of the client or for weight loss and can be done for those people who are having localized collection of fat or who want to achieve a good body shape in spite of living a healthy lifestyle, basically those people who are just 4-5% overweight with spot areas.



The suction and cooling heads (independently controlled) are placed on the areas to be treated. The cryogenic lipolysis cooling heads create a vacuum that temporarily decreases blood flow to the treated area, immobilizing the fat tissue, and isolating the treated area from surrounding tissue. no other tissue is damaged except the fat cells. At low temperature (-1°C to -3°C).this leads to apoptosis (death) of the fat cells. Once the
cooling procedure is completed, the fat cells crystallise and after melting the now dead and broken fat cells release the lipids into the lymphatic system, which will eliminate them by natural metabolism. Skin isn’t damaged, but subcutaneous fat, which is more sensitive to low temperatures than other surrounding tissues, begins a two to three month long gradual dissolution and evacuation after each cryogenic lipolysis procedure. Between 25-30% of the fat cells in the treated area will be destroyed in one session.

Cryogenic lipolysis treatment results can be enhanced by using other lipolysis and radiofrequency sessions in between each treatment, which helps by increasing the breakage of the dead fat cells, lymph drainage and enhancing skin tightness and elasticity. There is no anesthesia or recovery time needed. After the treatment, clients may return to their normal activities including work and physical exercise.

Since this is slow, gradual process the released lipids do not create any stress on liver or other normal bodily functions. The destroyed fat cells do no regenerate, which helps to maintain the achieved results.












The results of inches will further depend on how co-operative the client is in maintaining his/her diet and exercise.

Because the slow and gradual dissolving of the fat cells, the skin can usually keep up easier with the shrinkage and the end result is more natural than with invasive methods of fat removal.

Microscopic pictures of dissolving fat cells

Microscopic pictures of dissolving fat cells



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