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Facts about body fat (Obesity)

Obesity Facts

  • At birth there are around 5 billion fat cells whereas in average people there are around 20-40 billion. A fat individual can have around 75 billion fat cells whereas a very fat person can have around 150-180 billion fat cells.
  • 20 million Indians are fat and by 2025 the expected number is 68 million.
  • An average fat cell weighs 0.4 – 0.6 micrograms. If a person tries to lose weight desperately by crash dieting and targets weight loss even below the normal fat size then irrespective of the actual weight of the individual there is significant increase in symptoms of eating disordered behavior, cravings, depression and ritualistic of eating behaviors.
  • 50% of infants born to the overweight mothers become overweight, while none of the infants born to lean mothers become overweight.
  • 40% of 7 yr old and 80% of 8-16 yr children are likely to be fat adults and merely 5% of them are successful in weight reduction in adulthood.
  • In recent reviews 7- 8% of the children between age group of 10-15 yrs of age are fat and about 25% of them are overweight.
  • An extra 14 kg’s doubles the load on the heart and the body.

There are four types of bodies as classified on fatness :

Obesity facts


Approximately 40% of women (and most men) belong to this body type which is characterized by broad shoulders, strong muscular arms and legs, a narrow pelvis and narrow hips. If these people gain a lot of weight they tend to become apple shaped.


Approximately 40% of women belong to this body type which is characterized by small to medium shoulders a narrow tapering waistline and wide hips. Weight gain tends to occur on the buttocks and thighs which further accentuate the pear shape of the gynoid type.


Approximately 10% of the women and 5% of the men belong to this body type which is characterized by a fine (small) bone structure relatively long limbs compared to the trunk and a long narrow neck. We call them thyroid types because they have such a rapid and efficient metabolism and not because they are more likely to suffer with thyroid diseases.


Approximately 10% of women and 5% of men belong to this type which is characterized by weight gain all over the body. The limbs have a thick puffy appearance and the bone structure is not very visible they have an inefficient lymphatic system which leads to water retention and makes these people appear more fatter than they are. Cellulite is common in these people.

    • People with android obesity are at increased risk of Coronary Heart Disease / Blood Pressure / Dyslipedemia (abnormal blood Cholesterol, Triglyceride levels).
    • People with collection of fat around the hips and the thighs are prone to mechanical disorders like Varicose Veins and Disorders of Joints.
    • In an ideal diet for an active individual the ratio of energy sources is considered to 55% carbohydrates, 20% proteins and 25% fat.
    • Carbohydrates are the major source of immediate energy for the body.
    • If you completely avoid fat and stay on a fat free diet for a long time then it leads to deficiency of fat soluble vitamins namely vitamin A, D, E, K.
    • To burn fat you have to do exercises which are oxygen dependent (walk / run / jog / swim / elliptical/ stair climbing / any free hand exercise/ spin cycle/ aerobics i.e. any exercise which does not involve weight training) for at least min 45 min continuously
    • Studies have shown that overweight people as a group have a higher BMR than their lean counter parts of the same age, sex and height.
    • Starvation or serious abrupt calorie reduction can reduce BMR by up to 30%.

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