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Generalised Inch Loss Programme

Let’s take an example of two people who weigh 100 kg’s. One is a weight lifter (muscular) and the other is full of body fat and is shaped like a balloon. If both of these individuals are thrown in water which one will sink and which one will float? You would probably say that the one who is fat will float and the muscular will sink. Why? Let’s take another example. If both of these individuals walk on the road which one of these would you call fat? You would probably say the person shaped like a balloon is fat? Why? If both weigh 100 kg’s then why only one is called fat and the other thin? The answer is simple.

Muscle weighs the same as fat. The only difference is that volume wise both are different and that a muscle cell is more denser and thinner and can fit into three times space occupied by the fat cell. Like in example no 1 the fat person floats because his volume is more and the muscular man sinks because he is more dense and full of muscle. Based on these theories it is possible to fit into old clothes without losing weight. This is the principle that Fat 2 Fit uses and gives guarantee on inches without losing weight. At Fat 2 Fit we use the principle of passive exercise through Electromyostimulation(EMS) technique using microfaradic impulses.

What is EMS and how does it work?

Electromyostimulation (EMS) is the application of electrical current to elicit a muscle contraction. Contraction of the muscle with EMS is different than the typical or voluntary contraction of the muscle that is initiated by the central nervous system, (i.e. Weight lifting). The nature and quantity of this work depend on the parameters programmed in the electrical stimulator device. Put simply, the EMS device can do what the brain is incapable of doing. While the brain is capable of stimulating a majority of muscle fibers, an EMS device can stimulate up to 100% of the muscle fibers (thus producing greater synchronization among fibers). Furthermore, unlike the human brain, an EMS device can deliver consistent and high quality impulses to the working muscles without inducing cardiovascular and psychological fatigue. This yields better and safer muscle performance results compared to voluntary training alone.

The basic tool to make the muscles work is the electrical pulse. This stimulus is delivered from the EMS device to the muscle via the nerve fibers or the motor-neurons. The role of the pulse is to cause a response of the muscle by converting the nerve impulses into a muscular mechanical activity. This mechanical (basic muscular) response is called a Twitch. Each time the electrical pulse is repeated, the excitation (or the initiation of the twitch) of the muscle occurs and the muscle twitch is repeated again. When muscles are stimulated with frequent impulses, the muscle fiber reaches the point of contraction when each twitch (basic response) has no time to end before the following excitation. Therefore, the muscle reacts with a constant contraction. This phenomenon is called Tetanization and it is due to the summation of the basic responses. As the frequency (number of stimulations per second) of stimulation impulses increases, each individual twitch becomes less pronounced, up to the point of reaching contraction, and that is when the appearance of muscle contraction becomes smooth. We have had very positive results with EMS integration, although based on specific applications that seem to differ from many of the studies conducted in the field. In general, we have noticed changes in Force output and physical appearance.

We will not quantify the extent to which there were changes in muscle mass, since hydration and glycogen concentrations in the muscle can make such quantification or measurement difficult. Suffice it to say that there were visual differences (full and harder looking muscles) as a consequence of fewer exercise sets coupled with EMS. The harder appearance of the muscles is an unexplainable effect, but one that is reported regularly among bodybuilders who spend several hours a week practicing, posing (intense muscular contractions) prior to a competition. Other positive effects we have noted include a superior exercise experience induced by more intense muscular contractions, deeper fatigue, and superior pump.

Inch Loss Programme

Benefits of EMS :

(1) Inch loss without weight loss.
(2) Strength gains.
(3) Helps in motivating a client for weight loss by increasing the endurance of that particular muscle group.
(4) Reduces muscle spasm and useful in pain therapy.
(5) EMS can be used in instances of overuse injuries, such as Tendinitis or Sore Joints 25, caused by repetitive stain whereby regular movement results in inflammation and discomfort.
(6) EMS is useful in the treatment of paralyzed patients and / or the restoration of muscle function before patients are capable of voluntary exercise.
(7) EMS is ideal for beginners to learn how to feel muscles, and those muscles that are supposed to be working in an exercise, and too accelerate strength and muscle development as a whole.
(8) Body Firming and Toning.

Areas covered for Generalised Inch Loss are:-

(1) Tummy + Thighs
(2) Hips + Thighs
(3) Tummy + Hips + Thighs
(4) Arms
(5) Backs (upper and lower)
(6) Calves
(7) Neck + Shoulders
(8) Full abdominal girth including love handles
(9) Full upper body
(10) Full lower body
(11) Special full body inch loss


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