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Injection Lipolysis

Reducing fat deposits through injection lipolysis therapy

Simply dissolve excess fat ….with lipolysis injections

Simply melting superfluous fat away by means of an injection – a fascinating idea. During the procedure the substance phosphatidylcholine (PPT) is directly injected into undesired fat deposits. The active substance is a natural compound made from soya bean. The body itself uses to produce the this substance in the same composition in order to have multiple tasks performed, especially in the field of fat metabolism. Dr. Hasengschwandtner of Austria, our Medical and Scientific Director of Network-Lipolysis, proceeded with the development of the therapy. Apart from reducing undesired side-effects Dr.  Hasengschwandtner and his team in particular succeeded in improving treatment results considerably. Meanwhile the members of NETWORK have carried out some thousands of treatments and have gathered lot of experience with the specialised NETWORK Injection lipolysis.

Lipolysis Injection must not be regarded as a new miracle drug for the weight reduction.But when it comes to Fat Deposits which cannot be eliminated by nutritional therapy or converted therapeutic exersises, Lipolysis injections initiates a process during which fat is melted away and then eliminated from the body via the usual metabolic process. The medication is directly injected into the area concerned. As a result, fat cells starts to melt away and are eliminated to an increasing degree. And due to its elasticity, the skin contracts to build a homogenous surface.

Areas Qualified for treatment are :

Face :

  • :: Double chin
  • :: Jawls

Body :

  • :: Gluteofemoral adiposity (saddlebags)
  • :: Inner thigh
  • :: Lower buttocks / transition to thigh
  • :: Love handles (with men)
  • :: Hips
  • :: Upper and Lower belly
  • :: Fat bulges at shoulder – arm – joints
  • :: Upper arms
  • :: Knees
  • :: Dorsal areas

Treatment of Cellulite : Thighs


As a rule, 2 -4 treatments in interval of 6 -8 weeks are necessary to finish the therapy with success.  More than 80% of patients are satisfied with results after 2 -3 treatments.

The fact that Lipolysis Injections are not officially approved as a therapy is to be regarded as a general risk. But it is not the only therapy successfully applied without official approval. A well known example for millions of treatments over many years without approval are the botulinum toxin injections for the treatment of furrows.

Health risks, however, have not been observed by the members of NETWORK-Lipolysis. The active substance itself and its elimination from the body via metabolism is no problem at all and has generally been investigated and documented.

Almost every patient shows some temporary side effects after treatment like redness, swelling and muscle ache like discomfort and in some cases hematoma.  After few days, however, any discomfort at the treated region will have disappeared.

Please obtain more information about the individual and general side effects and risks from your physician during a comprehensive personal conversation.

The medication used for lipolysis injection is a liver protection medication known for many years now. It is also applied to prevent Fat Metabolism in blood. Up to date, however, it has not yet been approved for lipolysis injections.  For this reasons there exists a special patient information requirements with respect to the application.

The experienced physicians affiliated with NETWORK-Lipolysis are available to advice you thoroughly.

Against the background of many thousands of treatments in the whole world no serious side effects have been observed up to now. Nevertheless the therapy must be carried out by medical experts trained in this field.

Inorder to make therapy a success a knowledge about fat deposits in the body, the correct injection technique and the right dosage for treatment seems to be so simple is of utmost importance.

You will find this details exclusively in the practices of physicians having obtained the certification for lipolysis injections . These physicians are the persons you can trustingly tun to.

NETWORK-Lipolysis is an international association of physicians specialised in different fields and certified for lipolysis injections. A training of high quality as well as a consistent further training of the physicians of the NETWORK-Lipolysis is the basis of certification. And this philosophy is supported by all the members represents the warranty for high therapeutic quality.

All members from the general practitioners to the specialist of plastic surgery contribute to lipolysis research and the further development of injection lipolysis by exchanging their specific knowledge and experience.

You can be absolutely sure that your physician will allways be informed about the latest scientific state of development of lipolysis injections via NETWORK-Lipolysis.

For more information please contact your doctor.


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