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Myths N Facts about Obesity

Myth : For losing weight eat less
Fact : Weight loss does not occur when you eat only 3 meals a day to lose weight you have to stimulate your metabolism every 2 ½ hrs by eating little food. Eat 6-7 small meals and see the difference
Myth : Having more water will cause water retention
Fact : Having less water daily will cause weight gain and cellulite formation. Having ideal water for your body will actually cause weight loss and reduction of cellulite!!!
Myth : Do weight training for weight loss?
Fact : Doing weight training for targeting weight loss will not help you look skinny you have to do cardio everyday for direct fat loss !! After you come down to your target weight then for maintaining weight do 3-4 days weight training combined with cardio.
Myth : Will eating only fruits in the day cause weight loss?
Fact : Eating only fruits can cause weight loss initially due to water loss but if the required carbohydrate levels are exceeded then excess is stored as body fat. Also some fruits contain a lot of fructose which indirectly causes weight gain for example don’t eat an apple after 4 pm in the evening
Myth : Is high protein diet good for weight loss?
Fact : No issues that high protein diets cause weight loss but after a reduction of a few kilos there is a feeling for craving of sugary foods which cause rebound weight gain. Also high protein diets cause extra load on the kidneys causing ketone bodies in the urine and swelling of kidneys with high uric acid levels!! Eating a healthy diet plan would also cause weight loss with no side effects!!
Myth : For weight loss I don’t eat fatty foods at all!!
Fact : Body fat is required by our bodies for the absorption of vitamins a,d,e,k and also it acts like an insulator in the cold temperatures so each diet should contain between 15-20% fat as a source of food!!
Myth : Does Walking help in weight loss?
Fact : In fact walking is the best exercise for a person to loose weight in combination with a healthy diet because it is an aerobic exercise which burns direct body fat and if done at a certain speed and time you don’t need to slog it out at your gyms for weight loss
Myth : Will eating only once a day make me loose weight?
Fact : As you eat less food the body goes into a shut down phase (starvation mode) and then whatever we eat is converted into body fat and stored also there is a slowdown of metabolism so body starts gaining weight rather than losing it!! Therefore you need to actually eat food to lose weight!!

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