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Personal Training & Weight Maintenance

Personal Training and weight maintainanceThe most important part in any of the programmes after you manage to lose weight is to maintain it. Most of us don’t even know how to manage the maintenance part of it because we are not educated on it. This is how Fat 2 Fit is different from other centers. With our packages we also have a maintenance package free where in we teach the client how to maintain the weight loss and inch loss by educating them on foods and exercise.

We also have personal training sessions organized at their homes and teach them different exercises. It is very important to do an exercise under the guidance of an expert especially people who are well qualified and experienced otherwise there is a possibility that there could be some unwanted side effects due to wrong kind of exercise and more so no results at all. All these things are taken care of at Fat 2 Fit and a well customized exercise chart as well as nutritional program is personally given to each and every client taking into consideration: age / sex / percentage body fat / medical conditions and other related problems.


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