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Radiofrequency Tripolar Skin Tightening

Introduction to Skin

To understand radiofrequency skin tightening we first need to know what is the skin in brief of the human body.

Human skin is considered to be the largest organ of the body. The surface area of the skin on an 2 average adult is 1.8 M , and represents 16% of the total body weight. The thickness of the skin varies throughout the body. It depends on how much use we make of that area. For example, because we use our feet for walking, it is thickest on the soles of our feet. We use our hands for doing many everyday tasks such as picking up things and writing, so it is also thick on our palms.

The skin is a multifunctional organ. It is divided into 3 layers, the epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis (subcutaneous tissue). The ima g e be low shows a microscopic cross-section of human skin.

The Epidermis

skinThe epidermis is the outermost layer of the skin. This layer consists of many special cells, including keratinocytes and melanocytes. Keratinocytes are cells that make a special fat which gives skin it’s waterproof properties. Melanocytes produce melanin, which is a pigment giving us the colour of our skin. This layer is continuously shed and replaced, every 15–30 days. The epidermis is sub-divided into 5 layers.

(1) Stratum corneum
(2) Stratum lucidum
(3) Stratum granulosum
(4) Stratum spinosum
(5) Stratum basale

The Dermis

The dermis is the second major layer of the skin. It is a thick layer made up of strong connective tissues. It is further divided into two levels – the upper is made of loose connective tissue, called the papillary region, and the lower layer is made of tissue that is more closely packed, called the reticular layer. The dermis is made up of a MATRIX OF COLLAGEN, elastin and network of capillaries and nerves. The COLLAGEN GIVES THE SKIN ITS STRENGTH, the elastin maintains its elasticity and the capillary network supplies nutrients to the different layers of the skin. The dermis also contains a number of specialised cells and structures.

These include: hair follicles, sweat glands, sebaceous glands (produce sebum which helps lubricate skin & hair) and nails.

It also plays an important part in controlling our skin temperature and acts as a cushion against mechanical injury. When injured the dermis heals through the formation of granulation tissue (a tissue rich in new blood vessels and many different cells). This tissue helps pull the edges of a cut or wound back together. It takes our body from 3 days to 3 weeks to form this tissue.

The Hypodermis 

The hypodermis mainly contains the adipose (fat cells) and hence it is also called as THE SUBCUTANEOUS TISSUE, and this mainly protects the person from internal damage to the organs and provide heat and storage for the body in terms of fasting, etc.

As we age or put on a lot of weight the skin starts stretching to accommodate the excess fatty tissue. Then when you start losing weight in a quick fix, the body skin may not respond immediately and therefore chances are there that your skin may sag due to non elasticity or lack of new collagen formation!!!

We now introduce the fastest noninvasive technique that helps the skin produce collagen under heated form through RF 3.6 radiofrequency skin tightening machine.

What is Radio Frequency?

Radio Frequency is the latest and most effective non-surgical body sculpturing treatment. This cutting-edge technology and equipment safely delivers controlled amounts of wavelengths of electro-magnetic energy to the lower layers of the dermis that contain collagen and fats.

Cellulite cannot be detected in this stage unless you pinch your skin in a special way.

    • When radio frequency energy meets collagen the resulting resistance and heat causes the collagen to contract and tighten. The heat also stimulates the production and growth of new collagen fibres making this ideal for areas of loose and sagging skin on the face and body that require tightening.
    • When radio frequency energy meets fat the resulting resistance and heat causes the breakdown of pockets of fats and fluids, allowing them to be removed naturally by the body’s lymphatic and vascular system. This an ideal treatment to aid the reduction of cellulite and fat.
    • What to expect…
      During your treatment you can expect a warm sensation under your skin which is the Radio Frequency at work. It is a completey non-invasive and pain-free treatment.
    • Are there any side effects?
      Some clients experience a slight reddening of the skin (the same kind of reddening when you blush) which quickly dissappears.
    • How long does a treatment take?
      Each treatment is individual to the client and will vary in time.We will give an estimated time and cost for each treatment at each client consultation.
    • Maintaining the treatment…
      Radio Frequency gives immediate as well as long lasting results. We advise clients to drink plenty of water before, during and after a course of treatments to aid the removal of fat and toxins from the body. Aftercare and any maintainence treatments will be discussed with every client at the end of a course of treatment.
    • Radio Frequency allows you to achieve a sleek, firm and toned body and face without any pain or surgery and can be used on most areas of the body including legs, thighs, stomach, buttocks, arms, face, neck and jawline.Guaranteed results for:
      • Skin tightening
      • Cellulite reduction
      • Body reshaping
      • Collagen stimulation
      • Fat removal
    • Areas that can be treated for skin tightening are :-
      • Sagging skin
      • Loose jowls or lack of definition in jaw line
      • Sagging skin under the chin (“turkey neck”)
      • Wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth, eyes or forehead
      • Lack of definition in lips
    • Eyes
      • Sagging skin
      • Loose jowls or lack of definition in jaw line
      • Sagging skin under the chin (“turkey neck”)
      • Wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth, eyes or forehead
      • Lack of definition in lips
    • Body
      •Wrinkled, crepey or sagging skin on the tummy, knees, arms, legs, hands or buttocks
      • Sagging skin or unwanted bulges after pregnancy or weight loss
      • Love handles
      • Appearance of cellulite

To see whether you’re a good candidate for RF 3.6 TRIPOLAR treatment, please CONSULT DR. VIDYUT SODHA

Circumference reduction and skin tightening on lax arm skin of asian patient after three tripollar treatments

After two (2) tripollar treatments for facial skin tightening on an asian patient. this patient combined tripollar treatments with one fractional


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