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Weight Maintenance

Weight Maintenance Tips:

    • The day you eat any junk food that day you walk 1 hr extra to burn more calories to cover up the extra calories eaten
    • The day you eat junk food, don’t be over smart and adjust your diet the next day by eating less or fasting, continue your diet program and within 2-3 days you will burn of the extra calories eaten.
    • To maintain your lost weight, an exercise of at least 450 min’s per week is required so that what you eat is burnt off. Don’t expect weight to be maintained if there is no exercise in your daily schedule. Also divide these 450 min’s, minimum for 3 days a week. For e.g. : either per day 1 hr exercise an alternate day 2 hrs (morning 1 hr & evening 1 hr). Don’t finish these 450mins on 3 consecutive days and then enjoy your 4 days by only eating. You will surely put on weight!!
    • As far as possible even while eating junk food eat smaller portions just to satisfy your craving for that particular food. Do not binge on that junk food as if you have never seen it.
    • For maintaining weight follow a simple rule: Diet for 3 days and eat any junk food for 1 day.
    • Weight checking should be done only once a week at the same time, at the same day . As far as possible check your weight early morning every same day of the week, e.g. Mon to Mon, Tues to Tues etc. Please do not weigh yourself every day. Even stress plays an important role for weight gain!!
    • Eat every 2 1/2 hr, which will keep your metabolism high & efficient to burn more calories. The more the gap between meals, the slower your metabolism gets, then you will put on weight in spite of exercising & eating less food.

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