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Obesity has a tremendous Medical, Social and Economic impact on individuals and society as a whole. The prevalence of this chronic disease is likely to rise further unless concerted efforts are made at individual, social environmental levels to treat and prevent obesity. Quacks take advantage of this and try to steer away people from legitimate medical treatment.

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Weight Loss

Weigh loss clinicIt is important to understand the difference between weight loss and fat loss. Weight loss typically involves the loss of fat, water, bone mass, calcium and muscle. A dieter can lose weight without losing much fat. Ideally overweight people should seek to lose fat and preserve muscle since muscle is metabolically active and burns more calories. Generally the more muscle mass one has the higher ones metabolism resulting in more calories burnt even at rest. Since muscle is denser, muscle loss results in little loss of physical bulk compared with fat loss. To determine whether weight loss is due to fat various methods of measuring body fat percentage have been developed.

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NARL Lipolysis

Super Slim LypolysisFat is an essential component of our body. It must be considered as reserve of energy which our body needs to manage its basic functions. However, we are more and more concerned by the dangers and aesthetic issues that the excess of fat represents. Several techniques have grown from this demand, but as of today no one gives full satisfaction to end users or operators expectations. The only natural and non-invasive to slim on demand is to enhance LIPOLYSIS process.

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Injection Lipolysis

Simply melting superfluous fat away by means of an injection – a fascinating idea. During the procedure the substance phosphatidylcholine (PPT) is directly injected into undesired fat deposits. The active substance is a natural compound made from soya bean.The body itself uses to produce the this substance in the same composition in order to have multiple tasks performed, especially in the field of fat metabolism.

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Body Sculpting Laser Lipolysis

Anticellulite TherapyAre you just 5% overweight or normal weight ??? Have you tried everything from dieting ,gym,etc to loose those extra smaller areas which bother you then be relieved !!Now fat2fit introduces yet another state of art treatment called body sculpting laser lipolysis using the Laser Lipolysis treatment.

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 Anticellulite Treatment

By common definition, “Cellulite is lumpy unevenly distributed bulges of fatty tissue which often have a cottage cheese consistency. It is composed of gel-like lumps of water, fat and residues of toxic substances that should have been eliminated from the body.” So in other words, cellulite is the way in which fat is arranged underneath the skin. Its lumpy appearance is due to fatty tissue trapped in spaces between connective tissues called Septa. The amount of cellulite an individual has is mostly due to genetic composition. Cellulite is extremely difficult to get rid of because it is caused by excess fat whose surrounding net-like fibers are very weak. This causes the fat to bulge in between the fibers and under the skins surface, making it a multi-faceted problem.

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Radiofrequency Tripolar Skin Tightening

Skin TighteningRadio Frequency is the latest and most effective non-surgical body sculpturing treatment. This cutting-edge technology and equipment safely delivers controlled amounts of wave lengths of electro-magnetic energy to the lower layers of the dermis that contain collagen and fats.


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Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss tips

  • Avoid obsession with body weight.
  • Physical activity is most important factor in weight control.
  • Avoid high fat foods & increase consumption of complex carbohydrates.
  • Avoid volume eating.

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