As we all know that while we lose weight not only do we lose body fat but also muscle and water. To avoid the body from getting a saggy look as we lose weight the muscles have to be toned and firmed. As already discussed earlier the EMS devices are an excellent medium if given regularly for maintaining the tone and firm of the muscle. These machines help the body to look more slender and toner for any occasion in a very short period of time which is not possible through active exercise.

The following areas can be taken for toning:-

(1) Tummy + Thighs
(2) Hips + Thighs
(3) Tummy + Hips + Thighs
(4) Arms
(5) Backs (upper and lower)
(6) Calves
(7) Neck + Shoulders
(8) Full abdominal girth including love handles
(9) Full upper body
(10) Full lower body
(11) Special full body inch loss
(12) Special bridal or any occasion tone up