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Side Effects

The procedure is a non-invasive method of reducing abdomen fat. Given that it is a non-invasive alternative to things like liposuction, Cryogenic Lipolysis has minimal side-effects. In fact, one of the best parts of this procedure is that it has absolutely none of the potential effects that surgical procedures have, and that’s in addition to its effectiveness at freezing your fat off. Even though this procedure is relatively harmless, below is a list of side-effects that have been reported both in scientific studies, and in reviews.

• Redness in the treated area typically lasting only a few hours
• Swelling in the treated area also typically only lasting a few hours
• Loss of sensation or tingling which can last up to 1 weeks after treatment
• Bruising as a result of the machine squeezing down on your skin & will last as long as a typical bruise Most patients report that there is no pain, and few of the above side effects. According to this study, nerve biopsies were taken 6 weeks after the procedure was administered and there were no signs of nerve degeneration.

A multi-site study examined the effect of Cryogenic lipolysis on serum lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides, etc.) and liver function test results and showed:

• No damage to overlying skin or surrounding structures confirmed by clinical observation.
• No meaningful changes in mean values were observed for any blood lipid level or liver test at any point over the 12-week follow-up period.


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