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Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss tipsAvoid obsession with body weight

Physical activity is most important factor in weight control

Avoid high fat foods & increase consumption of complex carbohydrates

Avoid volume eating

Don’t “super-size” your meals

Set realistic goals and lose no more than 1-2 lb/wk Make gradual lifestyle changes

Weight Loss tipsAvoid diet pills

Avoid diets very low in calories

Avoid meal skipping, fasting, & restrictive dieting. Form a buddy system or join a support group

Accept yourself! A positive image begins inside

Drink 3- 4 liters of water per day

Avoid alcohol consumption and restrict it to just 3-4 pegs a week

Weight Loss tipsExercise regularly or at least 300 – 500 minutes per week

Use only 3 tsp oil per day per person or just ½ kg per person a month

Eat every 2 ½ hrs

Avoid weight training for weight loss do more cardio

Don’t go yo yo dieting every time make lifestyle changes

Don’t “super-size” your meals


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